To provide strategic technical leadership in the implementation and coordination of technology development, acquisition, transfer and adaptation

Key Roles:

  1. Leading the formulation of policies relating to Technology development, acquisition, transfer and adaptation.
  2. Providing strategic leadership in development of departmental plans, budgets, reports and the day to day management of the department.
  3. Leading the Promotion of Research and Development in technology for value addition on STI products and services.
  4. Fostering development of artisans and other scientific knowledge interlocutors at community level.
  5. Leading the promotion of product development and commercialization programs for local scientific innovations.
  6. Fostering partnerships among knowledge generators (researchers) knowledge transformers (industrialists and entrepreneurs) and end users (consumers).
  7. Facilitating transfer forecasting (transfer, negotiation & adaptation) of appropriate technologies.
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Supply and Delivery of Two (2) Units of Double Cabin Pickups - Ref No: MoSTI/SUPPLS/2018-2019/00002

Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has allocated funds to be used for the acquisition of Two (2) Units of Double Cabin Pickups ...

Supply of Office Stationery, Small Office Equipment and Toners - Ref No: MOSTI/SUPLS/18-19/00006

Ministry of Science, Technology Innovation has allocated funds to be used for the acquisition of Assorted Office Stationery, Assorted Small Office Equipment and Assorted Toners und...